Our company is fully equipped to manufacture under hygienic and safe working conditions, each employee has a duty that they have signed to as part of their work condition under safe conditions set by OSHA and fire department. Moreover, we also have an environmental officer to ensure that the employees follow the said safety rules. We also ensure that our premises are satisfied each year as safe working areas, this is basically to ensure that you get the best products manufactured with best manufacturing practices.


The quality of our products is well researched to suit the needs of our customers. We have tailored our products to meet a quality that will be used to give you not only a desired beauty product but also to protect your skin and hair. We ensure that our raw materials and goods are tested internally in our R&D department and externally all around the globe, certified by TFDA and TBS for best and acceptable quality before we release them in the market.


We ensure that we comply with all Government regulatory bodies such as TBS, TFDA, OSHA, NEMC and other International bodies such as ISO for the sole reason of ensuring that we give you the aforementioned quality and safety. All our products are certified by the concerned Government bodies before releasing them in the market. Moreover, compliance also helps our company to stay updated with all new technologies and standards that will suit our customer’s needs.

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