Posted on 2017-09-07 18:03:53

OUR HAIR OIL AND FOOD is an amazing range of hair product to suit every ones needs. Our hair oil contains the finest ingredients blended together to enhance hair growth, increase tensile strength and reduce hair fall. A regular use of our hail oil will give you a silky, shiny and healthy look to your hair. Our hair oils can also be used on weaves, they keep the weaves and braids shiny, you can also use it to help detangle hair and weaves while combing after washing or while facing a bad hair day, and it can save the day.

Mamujee products makes, Boss and Podoa hair oil to add more beauty to your hair and it has a range of different hair oils with the brand of Body Style ranging from Carrot, Aloevera, Papaya and Family that suites the whole family. It is specially formulated with the best perfume that leaves your hair smelling good all day long.

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