Posted on 2017-09-07 18:02:21

OUR LOTIONS are specially made to maintain a good balance of hydration throughout the day, giving you a sensual feel. Lotions are preferred by all in Africa, as they provide a smooth feeling and are also popular among European counties such as Germany, Spain and France. Our lotions also contain fruit extracts and vitamin complex A, E and F. Our lotions are formulated in such a way that they spread easily and quickly.

Some common benefits of using body lotion are;

They are useful and worthwhile for a long term use.

A small amount of product needs to be applied on the skin to make you more beautiful and ready for your day to day activities.

You can apply regularly, for a smooth youthful and sparkling complexion.

Keeps your skin hydrated, applying body lotion replenished the hydration lost after a long day of work.

Mamujee products, formulates Podoa lotion for ladies, and Boss lotion for men. These two lotions are loved among all.

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