"Grow your career with care"

At Mamujee we prosper by investing in the most professional and comprehensive team offering diverse career opportunities keeping in mind the needs of the ever changing global platform from every sector. We welcome entry level candidates to highly specialized executives.

Our primary goal resides in fostering the development of youth in Tanzania. Tanzania is exponentially growing in every sector; Mining, IT, Trade, Agro-processing to mention a few and with that in mind, investing and training into a multitude of disciplines serves in the best interest of our employees and also of the company by staying innovative and forward thinking in the face of challenges.

Working with Mamujee under our impressive training values will enable the youth of our country to stand independently and carry forward skills to self-sustain and also to make a difference in the globe. We also welcome senior executives to share their much valuable experiences to young talented individuals.

Our Careers’ departments are expert judges on skill set analysis and development. They believe in honing of skills and potential by motivating and understanding every individual on a case by case basis. Per say we allow rotation in our departments so as to enable self-discovery and progress.

If you have a passion for discovering yourself and share in our interest, please leave us with your details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Why Mamujee?

Mamujee products limited is a leading cosmetics company in east Africa with a year on year growth, as we grow we are faced with constant challenges that create an ideal situation for all our workforce to come together to generate solutions and as an we come out on the other side, we see growth in skill and experience, which we believe is the most valuable achievement in anyone’s career.

At Mamujee products, we are fair, promote diversity and welcome all nationalities, cultures and background to succeed our ever evolving platform of brands. This allows all our employs to appreciate cultural differences and understand not only the needs of our diverse group of customers but also helps opens dialogues and discussions that foster development, innovation and desire to bring change among our employees.

At Mamujee, our most important priority is our employees. As a family owned business, our model offers flexibility that suits our stakeholder’s wellbeing. We always aim to create a work, life balance and encourage a set of support systems that are embedded in our culture at Mamujee. Furthermore, as we support diversity, we pride in overcoming challenges and finding solutions to our employees needs on a personal level.

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