CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

At Mamujee we have taken responsibility for our society since the inception of the company. It is a value at the core of our foundation and have always been committed to follow in its footsteps to increase our involvement as we grow. As CSR, is a noble commitment, Mamujee Products Ltd. has decided to keep most of their CSR activities private apart from a few small projects.



To us, Corporate Social Responsibility is our continuing commitment to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.

However, as the general consensus about CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis, beyond compliance to mandatory legal requirements, it is mostly assumed that executives are motivated to CSR by financial motives, because CSR has shown to raise the corporation’s profitability. At Mamujee we go beyond that and look through other intrinsic motives that drive CSR like:

  • Personally the Executives of our company derive private enjoyment from CSR ever since the days of our founding father (The Late: Mr. Akil Mamujee), this zeal has incorporated a humane concern over the well-being of others, making us perceive CSR as a moral duty that we should observe.

  • Since then the directors have set objectives of CSR translating the duty of brainstorming the activities to meet the CSR targets to senior employees, so it has become a way of thinking as well. It allows us to work within an honest, open way, to be aware of even things that are not good enough in our community and to try to improve.

  • Involving employees in CSR, has helped align employee’s values to the company CSR values, making their values meet the company’s value, making Mamujee Products limited have a very qualified and ambitious employee working team thus it can continuously develop ideas of our business. Also if the personal value of an employee is in line with the company’s values, it is easier to do a good job, which means that it is easier for our employees to gain self-satisfaction.This also is one of our best motivations for CSR.

We have identified three key areas that will be addressed in the period of 2017-2018, and these are Education, availability of safe drinking water and being a part of community developing programs. This year activities funded by Akil memorial fund are as follows.

These are the Projects under Way;



Mamujee Products Limited is trying to gradually develop CSR in diverse areas of the community. As earlier mentioned we have a plan for 2017-2018. The directors have strategies in place for the future and each department will be responsible to implement and improve their area to meet the new targets.

  1. Mamujee Products Limited intends to refine its culture by implementing CSR projects at every level of the organization. In the future, we expect that our values will be translated to majority of our stakeholders and will appreciate a wider participation and an increment in overall budget for the cause. As we grow bigger, we expect to embark on bigger projects and diversify our CSR projects even further

  2. B. When it comes to regulations, there are certain standards that we as Mamujee Products Limited have to meet concerning the environment. For this, our target plan is working towards improving the relation between our activities and the environment. To us, CSR is not only what we do externally but we also reconsider the internal relationship of the company to its environment. Mamujee Products Limited intends to do the following;

    1. 1. To protect the environment, implementing energy saving programs, water saving, improved water treatment efficiency and improved CSR projects to create new environmental standards.

    2. 2. To the community, supporting the development of youth, providing job stations, supporting non-profit organizations and other entities in the society, to connect to society, new label system, progressive product development, consumer contact and dialogue, working with media, local commitment, and raising knowledge about nature.

In a nut shell, our basic motivation is to engage in various CSR activities to meet different stakeholders’ needs and to be a role model for other companies in making the society a better place.

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